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Whatever your level of ability or fitness level, Pilates is a full-body workout that can transform your body. From the first stages of learning to move your body with control to the most challenging, advanced sessions, Classic Pilates will give you more strength, increased mobility, toned muscles and confidence! 

No matter how fit we are, our bodies have challenges and imbalances. Pilates exercises can be modified to fit your body (so no muscle group is ever overworked or under-trained).

As you move through the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Pilates levels of exercises, you will learn to:

  • engage your powerhouse
  • develop lean, toned, and strong muscles throughout your body
  • increase your flexibility
  • move your body with control

With regular practice, you will feel your body change for the better. You will feel balanced, strong, and healthy and overall, you will develop a greater sense of confidence and faith in your body and what it/you can do!

Created in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates (and originally called Contrology), Pilates is a method of total-body exercises. At the heart of Pilates is the belief that with regular practice, Pilates will help you strengthen your body and improve your posture, flexibility, balance, and alignment.

Everyone  is  the
 architect of
their own

Joseph Pilates

Reasons to believe

Pilates is for everyone – no matter what your current fitness level is!

Pilates is great for all types and abilities. of all fitness levels, from beginners and those rehabilitating from injuries to athletes. It is for everybody, regardless of your gender, age, size, ability, or current fitness level. Pilates exercises are adaptable, so your sessions will change to suit your body, your fitness level, and your ability as you improve.

You will feel the benefits of Pilates in all aspects of your life.

As we need a balance of strength and flexibility in all aspects of our lives, improving your balance and posture will decrease the risk of injuring yourself. A poor posture will give you imbalances in your body that can cause aches and pains throughout your body. By practicing Pilates, you will strengthen your core and improve your posture. As you learn how powerful your body can be, you will walk (and sit) taller (causing less imbalance and back pain), feel stronger, and feel more confident.

You will feel strong – and some might even say, Bold!

When you commit to practicing Pilates regularly, you will develop a strong, defined, and toned body and build your dynamic strength.

It will make you look good, move well, and feel good.

Pilates can change your body —for the better —by focusing on strengthening your muscles, developing your core, toning your body, increasing flexibility, and improving your posture.

You will love your belly, or as we call it – your Powerhouse!

Your Powerhouse includes your abdominal and back muscles, pelvic floor, and glutes, which work together to form a supportive corset for your body. By learning to connect these muscles, you will feel strong, stable, and balanced.

You will have more control, flexibility, and confidence in your balanced body.

Balance is imperative at any age. By focusing on core strength, alignment and whole-body exercises, Pilates will help you improve your balance therefore giving you more control over your body, reducing your risk of injury and making it easier for you to move!

Not just for the body but also for the mind.

Pilates requires you to move with focus, control, and intention. During your practice, you will concentrate on your body’s movements, on what`s going on in your body, there-fore calming and focusing a busy mind.  In your practice, you will move with attention, control and intention as you concentrate on your body’s movements.

” Every  moment  of  our  life can  be  the  beginning  of great  things.”

Joseph Pilates


After an introduction to the Pilates equipment and an evaluation of your current fitness level, you can work with us in either private or duet lessons.


Private 1-1s (individual lessons) are tailored to you and your goals – and no one else. Your training sessions are continuously adapted to your body and always to how you feel on that day.


If you prefer to train with a partner, we also offer Duets, so you both share the fun, challenges, and improvements that your Pilates training will bring you.

Interested, but not sure Pilates is for you?

Have an introductory lesson to see how much fun improving your body can be.

In The Studio

We have a range of equipment in our studio -including Gratz, the original manufacturer of Pilates equipment. Gratz is the original manufacturer of Pilates equipment and reflects the original designs of Joseph Pilates.

You can find me at the following studios:

Pilates Studio Allmend
Zihlmattweg 46,
6005 Luzern

Massage & Pilates
Riedmatt 11
6373 Ennetbürgen

About Momenta (me)!

I am slightly different from the amazing Pilates teachers in Switzerland as I found Pilates later in my life.  I have worked in corporates for over 25 years, sat at a desk for 9 hours a day and I struggled to find an exercise system that adapted to my needs.   I needed an exercise system that would move my stiff body, rehabilitate, and rebuild me and make me feel strong, healthy, and confident.  

In 2018, I had my 1st Pilates lesson and then boom, I moved muscles that I didn’t know I had, felt my body react in a way that it had not done before and felt my whole-body hold, engage and move in a new way.  With regular practice, I could see my body transform and become stronger.

I started to believe in my body and over the years of practice, I saw my posture, my body as whole, my strength and my sense of well-being, as well as my confidence, significantly improve.  So much so, that I decided to change my career and train to become a Classic Pilates Teacher. 

Having trained under Miguel Silva, at Uno School of Pilates Zurich, I now teach Private lessons and Duets at Massage & Pilates Studio in Ennetbürgen. I love helping my clients:

  • challenge their perception of what they think they can do
  • enjoy moving their bodies again
  • and most importantly, feel good about themselves and their achievemenrs

If you would like to learn more about Pilates
and the positive changes it can bring

” Every  moment  of  our  life can  be  the  beginning  of great  things.”

Joseph Pilates